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Who is Askana?

These things are always awkward. Unless you are one of those people that need no introduction, conjuring up a description that falls between a Tinder profile and a graduation keynote speaker's bio, is always a tall order. So I'll make it brief:

- I am an accountant who scored 98% on the Myers-Briggs scale of extroversion. #Overachiever

- I have pronounced myself a spiritual and self aware hypochondriac.

- I have a palate for magical flavours but I am not in the least bit domesticated. (Future husband, take note).

- I thirst for adventure and discovery in all of its forms; from technical online courses to impromptu road trips with strangers.

- My linkedin headline says: I am an African business leader in the making, a global citizen, and an entrepreneur.

- My entire life is held together by sticky notes and I  snapchat just about everything .

My name is Rumbi Tendaupenyu but my family affectionately calls me As'kana.

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