Who is Askana?

These things are always awkward. Unless you are one of those people that need no introduction, conjuring up a description that falls between a Tinder profile and a keynote speaker's bio, is always a tall order. So I'll make it brief:

- Currently in my mid-twenties, I find myself with an arsenal of 8 qualifications, including a Financial Accounting degree from the University of Cape Town.

- I have built my career around project managing initiatives around the continent that acknowledge, support, celebrate, connect and empower women Afro-preneurs. #Wakanda

- What fuels me is my duty to become a global citizen who is an authority in the African business ecosystem; with the works of my hands bearing the fruit of positive impact, particularly for African women, in honour of those who reared me and to influence those who will prosper our continent.

- I love stories - reading them, telling them and writing them. Being a trained capitalist, it was only befitting that I found a way to get paid for it. #Blessed

- I scored scored 100% on the Myers-Briggs scale of extroversion. #Overachiever

- I have pronounced myself a spiritual and self-aware hypochondriac.

- I have a palate for magical flavours but I am not in the least bit interested in domestic activities. (Future husband, take note).

- I thirst for adventure and discovery in all of its forms; from technical online courses to impromptu road trips with strangers. I live to explore not only picturesque lands and magical flavours, but the pages of crime-fiction novels, bingeable series, the balance between banter and wine, and the limits of my body in a Crossfit box.

- My entire life is held together by sticky notes and I instagram just about everything.

My name is Rumbidzai Tendaupenyu but my loved ones affectionately call me As'kana.

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