Bespoke Eyelash Extensions – My new favourite accessory

I have never been opposed to enhancing one’s features. I just felt that certain things were not for me. I can’t quite pinpoint a logical reason for this but false eyelashes fell into that list of things. That was until one warm April night.

To properly explain how I became an overnight “falsies” convert (and why my budget now has a new line item entitled eyelashes) I need to remind you about the reason why people pay good money for facebook adverts: they work.

How I found Bespoke

A week ago, I was doing what most people do when they wake up. I was fighting the urge to forsake fitness and employment by scrolling through my Facebook feed until reason entered my system. Along came an advert for a 56% discount on high quality, long-lasting eyelash extensions. In all honesty, eyelash extensions have never been a thing that I felt that I needed. I had the most amazing clump free, lengthening, and thickening mascara. What more could a girl ask for?

When you’re a lazy girl like I am, the answer to that question is – more convenience. That, coupled with the fact that “I like things,” as we say in South Africa, was the reason I responded to Bespoke Beauty Studio’s call to action.

20 minutes later…

Anyone with experience in e-commerce platforms knows that receiving a nonautomated response in 20 minutes is pure efficiency. Bespoke Beauty Studio had messaged me in an effort to schedule my appointment by the time I had jumped out of the shower.

Now that I knew I was chatting to a human being and not an “intelli-bot” I responded to their message with an arsenal of questions. I have allergies and I wear contact lenses so I needed reassurance that I would not end up as the butt of an ER coffee room joke. A little while later, they had a consultant call me and address all of my concerns. As I had an event to attend that weekend, I imagined myself batting my luxuriant eyelids at colleagues and clients alike. Unfortunately, they were fully booked until the following week.

Lucky for me, their customer service game is on fleek and so I was offered a complimentary neck and shoulder massage as well as 50% off of my next eyelash refill. Those looking to improve their customer retention rates, take note.


A beauty studio experience is not just about being made to feel beautiful. It also involves feeling like you are in a beautiful place, engaging in beautiful things. Bespoke understands and executes this sentiment with admirable ease… and they have wifi.

On the 23rd floor of the Aspin building, you will find a stylish and contemporary beauty wonderland. I was warmly welcomed into a plush armchair where I began to unwind into an almond flavoured latte, as I watched the sun set over Dubai. As if on queue, the moment the sun sank into the horizon I was summoned into the room where eyelash converts are created.

Rookie moves

I am not perfect. Sometimes my excitement gets the better of me and I forget to plan ahead adequately.

We spent the first 15 minutes of my appointment removing my three layers of heavy duty mascara. It took 15 minutes because she would only use the most enchantingly fragranced rosewater. It smelled like freshly bathed babies, fluffy clouds, and floating pink rose petals. Don’t question my sense of smell. Just go with it.

Once that was done, I had to remove my contacts to avoid them being glued to my eyelids. This should have been obvious but again, between the rosewater and excitement, it slipped my mind.

In hindsight, to avoid a very itchy eye infection, be sure to wash off any mascara before your appointment. The great thing is that an eye ointment and some antihistamines will take you from a puss filled zombie-eyes look, to a luscious eye-woke-up-like-this look overnight. See what I did there?

The application

It wasn’t what I expected, at all. I had expected the glue to feel cold against my skin as I braced through the technician stabbing my eye with a razor sharp eyelash. In reality, I felt nothing. No cold sensation. No stabbing. Nothing.

The eyelash application process was so serene that I passed out. It could be that I am really good at the savasana pose or that the low “eat, pray, love,” music lulled me into a short coma. Either way, it was absolutely pleasant to take a nap and wake up with eyelashes that only guys grow naturally – as if they need them.

Opening my eyes was admittedly a bit of a struggle. I was instructed to separate my eyelids slowly and calmly, which is what I maintain I did. For some reason, possibly a baseless mental block, I couldn’t open my eyes. Luckily, the wonderful technician had her trusty turkey baster utensil on hand to blow air onto my eyelids, after which they magically opened.

The test drive

I walked out of there batting my eyelids, music video style, at anyone who dared look my way. Yes, it’s creepy but it’s also a lot of fun if you’re into creeping people out.

What I love most about having fake lashes is that it shaves an extra 5-10 minutes off of my morning routine. The need for mascara is completely eradicated thus allowing me more time to dance and feed my lazy morning habits. If you do not listen to music and dance while getting dressed, you should try it because you get to start every day on a high note. FYI, trap music works best.

As any girl knows, the ultimate stamp of style approval comes from your friends, not your bae. In this case, the winning statement was “what? I thought those were your own. They look so natural!” This came from a woman who is an eyelash extension veteran. I love the minimal, natural makeup look so if my fake lashes look real, I have struck gold.

I have lost a few lashes due to scratching my infected eyes in my sleep but I don’t look like I have balding eyelids so I am still #winning! What’s more is that I still have all of my own eyelashes intact. Losing those was a real fear of mine.

The rules

Consider these your obligation-free lash hacks. Follow them at your own discretion but don’t say I don’t care about your slayage.

  • Do not wear makeup to get your lashes done. The technician rests her hands on your face while working so it will smudge. You may also get an eye infection from not being able to wash your lashes.
  • Ensure your eyelids and lashes are clean. Logic stands to reason that the glue won’t hold as much on oily eyelids and dirty lashes.
  • Do not get your lashes wet within the first 48 hours. It takes about 48 hours for the glue to set completely.
  • Get a sleeping mask. This will keep you from rubbing your eyes while sleeping or disturbing your lashes during the first 48 hours.
  • Do not wear mascara while you are rocking falsies. They will fall out sooner. If you want a fuller look, make sure to tell your technician when you are choosing the lashes. Show her a picture of what you are going for if you must.
  • Get an old, clean and dry mascara brush to gently brush out your lashes every morning. Your technician may bless you with a brush for free. Just ask.
  • When wiping your eyes, go from the top of the eyelid to the bottom (with your eyes closed obviously). I like to press my palms over my eyes, ensuring that I don’t cover the lashes but I gently push down on them so they press onto my cheeks. This looks a lot like the monkey-see-no-evil emoji.

Contact Bespoke

As much as it seems like I am a Bespoke brand ambassador, I don’t actually work for them. Nevertheless, I am a happy customer who gives them a stellar recommendation so be sure to check out Bespoke’s Facebook page here and follow their Instagram from here. To book an appointment, give them a call on +971 4 330 0087 or visit their website:

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2 thoughts on “Bespoke Eyelash Extensions – My new favourite accessory”

  1. My experience was amazing everything was above expectation the staff are so friendly especially the girl who did for me the eyelashes and the Arabic girl Rihab

    1. Hey

      I am so glad you had a wonderful experience. Great service always makes my day. It is really such a lovely space with kind and courteous staff and I am sure your eyelashes look even more amazing.


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